Kids Igloo Craft


Kids Igloo Craft

What to do in the cold weather?

It's about -15 C and I want to know what to do outside. Like we tried throwing warm water otuside but it didn't work. The snow isn't good for building anything either.

Sciency things are welcome.

WikiHow --- How to Feel Happy During a Cold Winter
1) Find things to enjoy about winter:
A snowy, icy, cold, or rainy world can be beautiful and often has sounds and smells all its own. If you're an artist, photographer, or craftsperson, winter provides a great deal of inspiration and different colors to work with. Even if you don't feel that creative, simply watching a winter scene from the comfort of your home can be a pleasant way to relax and enjoy the peace.

2) Take part in winter activities:
Enjoy skiing, sledding, or ice skating. Visit someplace nearby while the summer crowds are gone.

3) Stay warm.
Whether that means sitting by the fire, snuggling up with a loved one or pet, piling on the blankets, or having a warm drink, keep yourself warm. The best way to stay warm all the time is to wear layers of suitable clothes, especially woolen long-johns, undershirts, and sweaters. And don't neglect your feet – woolen socks and slippers are a must-have for keeping you toasty warm all winter.

4) Find something to do besides stew about the weather.
This would be a great time to read that book that's been on your list—or even write it. Play cards, clean the house, cook up a big pot of soup, take up a hobby, or knit another warm sweater. It's also a good time to sort photos, computer files, fabric stashes, and anything else that has accumulated over the other months of the year. Go to the movies, visit museums, art galleries, astronomy observatories, food-making facilities and while away the cold hours in their heated rooms learning something new. Use indoor sports facilities such as rock-climbing walls, squash courts, badminton halls

5) Stay active.
As much as possible, get yourself outside. Bundle up and take at least a short walk. If the weather does not permit, move around inside. Walk up and down your stairs if you have them. Do a workout tape or use that treadmill or stair machine that is gathering dust. Exercise gets your body temperature up and your blood flowing. It also regulates such things as sleep and diet. Move around at least a bit each day.

6) Keep in touch.
Call friends or make new ones. If you regularly attend club meetings, church, or other activities, try not to interrupt your routine just for bad weather. If transportation is a challenge for you, link up with friends or helpful people who can give you a ride to and from your usual activities.

WikiHow --- How to Keep Kids Entertained in Winter
1) Go get their coats and scarves because there are numerous options of what you can do in the snow.
--- Go sledding.
--- Go snow skiing.
--- Have a snowball fight.
--- Make all kinds of shapes not just snow angels.
--- Don't build a sand castle build a snow castle.
--- Make an igloo.
--- Draw in the snow.

2) Or you can stay inside and do things together.
--- Drink cocoa or hot chocolate.
--- Do puzzles.
--- Play boardgames.
--- Watch the television.
--- Play "I Spy."
--- Look through the old photo albums.
--- Do crafts.
--- Make a Gingerbread House.
--- Decorate your home for the winter holidays.

I hope this help.(:
Fan me, so I may be able to help you in the future.(:


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