Kids Tzedakah Box


Kids Tzedakah Box

Why are Jewish people persecuted so much?

A lady that I work with who is jewish descent is the nicest person I have ever known , her father was a soldier in wwii fought in the Australian army ( he came to Australia when he was 14) and he had witnessed the horrors of Hitler and lived to tell the tale to his daughter . And he was a very moral good man . To me there is no need to persecute the jewish people ! They didn't do anything to anybody

We get persecuted a lot because people some people hate that we have Israel and people say we killed Jesus and people say we are a race and that we have big noses and that we have too much money and etc all that stuff is not true

All that stuff are lies the money part people get misguided on because we jews work and we believe in earning money for a living or else you won't get no where in life like any person with common sense would agree also we donate money to organizations and people most jewish homes and businesses have a tzedakah box (charity box) put money in the save it up then give it to someone and also Bar and Bat mitzvah kids do something charitable all the time.

I saw all the stuff they say about us on YouTube and google and websites its terrible how people talk about a religion people have the nerve to say we'll control the world economy and money system and take over the world all that is not true we are a minority group compared to the worlds population and a lot were killed in the holocaust that's one of the reasons that is why we have customs and traditions because we want to keep our traditions and religion alive but we've been around for over 5,000 years so yeah.

People also say to us that we killed Jesus which isn't true. I can't give a full explanation on this part because I don't know much about Christianity but. Do know why we don't believe in Jesus.

People say we are a race we aren't a race but we are a ethnic group and those are 2 different things and people say jews are only white no there are jews of ALL colors and nationalities also you can't convert to a race like you can't convert to white or brown or black or anything.

This isn't a racist comment now some blacks say that us Ashkenazi Jews are not authentic and we aren't the true jews and we aren't the Israelites and that we are just converts and that the real Israelites were black not this one is not true and parts is true there was a study done on how the Israelites looked and come to find out they looked like a modern day middle eastern person also a lot of jews can trace their DNA to them such as Kohen or Levi and I am neither of them I am just an Israel and if any person converts they are just as jewish as if someone was born jewish if they had a Conversion done by Halakha and its Orthodox

Another thing people say all jews dress in all black that is ultra orthodox and modern orthodox dresses modern and ultra orthodox dresses in all black because they want to be different and I happen to dress in a white shirt and black pants most of the time I consider myself a Hasidic Jew ultra orthodox but I'm not too modern and also we are kosher and etc people say we are different. No we are all human beings we may have customs and traditions we follow we also wer different religious items so what we are still human.

The media is what is making us look bad if you go on google and go in the search bar and type jewish people you'll see all Orthodox Jews well ultra orthodox we don't say ultra but Hasidic you'll mainly see that and also in google images and there's a lot of anti Semites out there but despite all that I am still a proud Jew and I wear my tzitzit and tallit everyday and tefillin on somedays and I'm a nice person. Also I'm not all about money and etc

So those all are the reasons we get persecuted a lot that's a lot of stuff but yeah

Etsy How To: Make a box out of scrap paper!


Wood Kids Tzedakah Charity Collection Box

Wood Kids Tzedakah Charity Collection Box


Beautiful Charity collection Box...

Rite Lite TBRM-5 Kids in The Park Ceramic Tzedakah Box

Rite Lite TBRM-5 Kids in The Park Ceramic Tzedakah Box


Season: Year Round. Artist: Fraydy Timinsky. Color/Finish: Multi-color. Dimensions: 3.50 L x 5.00 W x 4.00 H. Great Gift Idea....

KidKraft Tzedakah Box

KidKraft Tzedakah Box


From Kidkraft, we present this Kidkraft Tzedakah Box. Help teach your child important lessons from the Jewish faith. Constructed of quality wood and featuring several Jewish symbols including a Menorah and the Star of David, this durable treasure from the reliable folks at Kidkraft is more than just a bedroom toy or storage container. Colorful and many dimensional, it's charming and functional.Kid...

Tzedakah Box

Tzedakah Box


In Judaism, tzedakah is the religious obligation to perform charity. Our colorful Tzedakah Box is a perfect way to teach young children about this valuable lesson.Helps teach children about Jewish cultureNatural finishLength 5.5"Height 6.75"Width 4.5"Age 3Material MDFStyle/Theme Traditional...

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