My Kids Ggusd


My Kids Ggusd

Best or top 10 schools elementary schools in Orange county?

What are the best elementary schools in Orange county and can a child who lives in Orange county go to a school in Seminole county?I have heard Evans elementary is pretty good on grades but i m not sure if it has any branch in Orange county?

There is an Evans elementary school in orange county, garden grove.....
not sure if that's the same as the one you are referring to but my neighbor's kids go there and they rave about how wonderful the principal and teachers are!
And yes, a child that lives in orange county can attend a school in seminole county(or any other county) but 1st you need to go to the education/school district(for the city you live in) and request a transfer. They will ask can say it's closer to your work, grandparents. babysitter, caretakes...or whatever reasons and then you take that transfer paperwork to the school district you want your child to attend and they will process it. But priority will go to the students that live in that school district area...and if there is space at the school you are requesting, they will admit your child. Good luck!

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